Course description

New Product Development is the most important process in the survival of a business in today's competitive and internationalized environment. The course presents Product Planning, the Generalized Product Development Process - from conception to delivery of the Product to the customer, the role of prototypes - physical and virtual, basic tools for analyzing the proposed design - design for X-Capability.

Issues related to: Importance of new products, Development problems, Basic product development models, Product life cycle, Product planning, Generalized development process.

Development Team, Customer Requirements, Design Specifications, Cocept Development and Idea Selection, The Role of prototypes, Rapid prototyping, Rapid tooling, Virtual prototypes, Design for manufacturing, Design for assembly, Design for environment.

The laboratory presents the use of Rapid Tooling MK machine and produces molds and prototypes.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Organize and systematize the process of product development of a company
  • Organize and process customer requirements and write specifications for a new or improved product
  • Use and integrate Product Development Processes such as Life Cycle Assessment, Production Design and Assembly Design
  • Produces prototypes / products using additive manufacturing equipment / Rapid prototyping
  • Develop and integrate customized product development processes according to the product and the requirements of the business.

Course Content

  • Introduction to New Products - Success / Failure Factors - Challenges to New Product development
  • The Product Development Process - Adaptation of the process depending on the type of product
  • Determining Customer Needs
  • Product specifications
  • Idea Creation / Idea Selection
  • Prototypes and Idea Testing
  • Design for manufacturing (DfM), for assembly (DfA) and for the environment (DfE)