Technical University of Crete

The courses offered by the CAD Laboratory are, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), New Product Development, Product Modeling and Manufacturing, in undergraduate studies and Advanced topics in Computer Aided Design, New Product and Service Development in postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The research activity of the CAD laboratory involves issues of three-dimensional design and optimization in various fields (mechanical, clothing, footwear), additive manufacturing/ rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, industrial excellence, artificial intelligence, design for manufacturing/ recycling and disassembly, recycling WEEE and textile products, product life cycle assessment.


The research and development of new high-quality product and services is now one of the dominants factors of competition in many industries for the last decade but also for the coming one. This trend is supported by the introduction and successful implementation within the enterprises of modern computer supported technologies for product design. The development of high quality and technologically advanced product and services is the end result of the integration of a series of processes and functions which are present in every enterprise, such as, research and development, marketing, design, manufacture, maintenance, etc.

The CAD laboratory (CadLab) has developed a considerable experience in managing and executing research projects with Greek and European Enterprises and it has acquired a considerable experience and know how in the above areas. Its highly trained and qualified personnel, its modern and high technology equipment and the collaborations which have been developed so far, can contribute significantly into the development of a successful collaboration with a wide range of enterprises which are activated into totally different production sectors and services.

Services and Products

The CAD Laboratory can offer:

  • Training in Computer Aided Design systems and additional applications of Analysis, Simulation, Prototyping and Manufacturing.
  • Design, selection and development of specialized Computer Aided Design products in mechanical and specialized applications of clothing and footwear.
  • Organization of the Department for the management and development of new products and services, using new technologies, such as, CAD / CAM, Rapid Prototyping, Virtual Design and Construction Origins. Production improvement.
  • Management and integration of technologically innovative applications in the development of new products.
  • Design, development and construction of prototypes using reverse engineering technologies, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, virtual modeling / digital simulation.

Development of distance education in technology, innovation management, entrepreneurship.

Laboratory history

The CAD Laboratory, was founded in 1998 and serves educational and research needs in the subject of Design / Engineering / Production / Implementation of new products and services, using modern IT tools and special Computer Aided Design Programs (CAD/CAE/CAM).


CAD Lab location

The CAD Lab is located in the University Campus of TUC, building D5.

The University is built in a panoramic location in Akrotiri, Chania, 7 Km northeast of the city and covers an area of 2,900 acres.

The modern buildings that make it up have many facilities, ensuring all the modern requirements of teaching, work and safety, while they harmonize with the environment, being a model of architectural design at the national level.