Course description

Modeling using surfaces - free-form curves and surfaces, Bezier, B-Splines and NURBS, Editing, Analysis and Connection of Curves and Surfaces. Additive Manufacturing, from Rapid Prototyping to Additive Manufacturing, technologies, applications and product design for Additive Manufacturing. Computer-aided manufacturing - CAM, Preparing a machine tool guidance program with CAM systems, application to a 3-axis lathe and milling machine.

Laboratory: Shape Studio and NC Manufacturing modeling system, turning and milling, post processor by Siemens NX, Rapid Tooling using MK Tools machine.

Course content

  • Free form Bezier, B-Spline, Nurbs and Subdivision Surfaces
  • Curves and Surfaces in Shape Studio, Realize Shape
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Design for assembly and environment

Photos from student exercises