Course description

The course aims to gain knowledge for the appropriate understanding of Computer Aided Design, Engineering and Manufacturing systems and their application throughout the product development cycle.

Initially, the stages of product development are presented, from the conception of the idea, to the design/analysis/optimization, to the production of prototypes and finally the rump up production. These stages are linked to corresponding design, engineering and manufacturing tools and the emphasis is on electromechanical products, but there are also references to other types of products.

The correct application and development of 3D products is analyzed, using solid parametric and feature based systems and surface modeling systems. Both the modeling of components and their assembly for the final product are analysed.

The basic schemes for the representation of curves and surfaces used in design systems, such as Fergusson, Bezier, B-Splines and NURBS, are presented.

In the laboratory work students carry out a complete modeling job of a product consisting of 3 to 10 components with the help of SIEMENS NX system. The laboratory work is compulsory and each student prepares his/her own work.

Upon successful completion of the course the student is able to:

  • Implement the SIEMENS NX12.00 system at the various stages of a product development
  • Understand the various commercial applications of the systems and in the field that are applied
  • Compose graphically complex product models in an appropriate way to be used in vertical applications
  • Integrate the design systems in the application environment and upgrade the way a department operates
  • Understand how the models are created by the computer
  • Create his/her own applications depending on the product and the application area

Course Content

  • Introduction to computer aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM)
  • Product Concept – Industrial Design – Surface models and reverse engineering
  • Product design – Solid models – Sheet metal – Assembly modeling
  • Wireframe models - Curve representation – Curves Fergusson, Bezier, B-Splines and NURBS Curves
  • Surface models – Surface representation –Bezier, B-Splines, NURBS and COONS  Surfaces.
  • The CAD SIEMENS NX – Modeling system


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