Unfolded Area Cross-Sectional Views

You can create an unfolded cross section or a total unfolded cross section of a general drawing view by unfolding (stretching) cutting planes until they become parallel to the screen.

When you are unfolding a cross section, the following restrictions apply:

   You can only unfold offset cross sections that were created using the Both Sides command.

   The entities that you use to define the cross section must be lines.

   You cannot create a projected view from an unfolded cross-sectional view.

   Pro/ENGINEER does not support part dimensions in unfolded cross section drawing views.

   You cannot create partial and half total unfolded views.

   You cannot create projection views of total unfolded views.

   You can show dimensions of features in the view if each dimension stays within a single segment of the section.

   If you deleted the offset section of a total unfolded cross-sectional view from the model or you cannot regenerate it (such as when the sketching datum plane is suppressed), the total unfolded cross-sectional view becomes a regular general view.

You can control the display of seams (the edges of the cutting plane) in total unfolded cross-sectional views by using the drawing setup file option show_total_unfold_seam. When you set it to yes, the seams are visible. When you set it to no, the system blanks them. To update the view display after you reset the drawing file setup option, choose Regenerate View from the Pro/ENGINEER View menu.

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